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Remote Learning is a strategy for learning continuity to be deployed for extended time away from school. It is an opportunity to engage in learning remotely instead of attending school onsite when schools are closed for an extended period of time. During this time, certain teachers will provide learning opportunities to students through online classes, and other teachers will gradualy join to remote learning process once they are ready. All you need to do is to register for classes and our teachers will send the instructions to you by email. Just remember the process is not that complicated as you might think.

Our mission:

Our mission is to give employees who have been transferred to work from home the opportunity to concentrate on work processes. And we will take care of the children :)

How do we do it?:

We will create an online space where children can communicate with other participants and animators. Children will be divided into age groups. Several counselors are attached to each squad. All participants will be connected to one Internet portal ZOOM, where they will be able to communicate with each other, play quizzes, games and learn new skills, create creative numbers.

How will we keep the attention of children on what is happening on the screen of gadgets?:

  • Direct interactive:
  • In each process that counselors will conduct, there is direct interaction with children, in which they will participate, answering questions aloud or in a group chat. Thus, each child will feel like a part of the action, and not just an observer who can exit the process at any time.
  • Incentive to play:
  • Active participation in interactions, correct answers to questions, new ideas.
  • Team work:
  • We will create a team atmosphere in which every child will feel like a part of the team. Each participant is important, only together we can come to victory.
  • Intensive study:
  • We will saturate the broadcast with the most interesting and universal content that every child will want to follow without stopping. Our teachers are all professionals in communicating with children and their charisma attracts attention in any setting!
  • Points of children's interest:
  • After the first introductory sessions, our teachers will better understand the interests of their squad and prepare content that is more targeted specifically at their children, taking into account their needs and character traits.

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