My goal is that your child(ren) will love coming to my class, open their minds for the world of math, and succeed in it. In this class we will cover variety of math topocs including patterns, groups, puzzles, the Decimal System, and proficiency of Common Core. We will use combination of learning methods: Singapore method, visualization of new material and math problems, Montessori basics of learning math. We will learn each math skill in depth, making sure children understand it well because the next topics will build on the previous knowledge. During each class children will have fun exercises on logic that help develop critical thinking. I will try to create joyful and exciting atmosphere while learning math. Last five years I worked as a Lead Teacher at Montessori school. I love math and love teaching. I have four children and Maya, my youngest, attends Wonder School too! I am from Odessa, Ukraine originally and had lived in Atlanta for 19 years.

Моя цель состоит в том, чтобы ваш ребенок ходил в мой класс с удовольствием, познавал мир математики и преуспел в нем. Последние пять лет я работала ведущим преподавателем в школе Монтессори. Я люблю математику и люблю преподавать. У меня четверо детей, и Мая, моя младшая, тоже ходит в Wonder World School. Я из Одессы, Украина, и прожила в Атланте 19 лет.

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