In 1998, I graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical School, where I was certified as an elementary school teacher, with a degree in Teaching in Elementary Schools with an additional specialty “Speech Therapist” and another specialization “Teacher of Further Education in Decorative and Applied Art”.
My total work experience is over 20 years, I began my career long before entering the school, at school No. 3, which I graduated from, as a rhythmic teacher for elementary school children. Great Experience in Summer Camps In 2000, I was hired by a secondary school No. 3 as a primary school teacher, and I conducted after class activities in arts and crafts. In 2003, during the certification, I was assigned the second qualification category - “Teacher of Continuing Education”.
In 2004, I took part in the regional competition of educational programs for the additional education of children, and my program won one of the prizes. Based on this, I was awarded the highest qualification of a teacher. From the very beginning, I conducted extracurricular activities in the school on “Beadwork”, “Sewing”, “Work with Paper”, etc. During the summer holidays I taught the course “Museum World” which was a work program based on the author’s program “Hello, Museum!” which was developed by the Russian Scientific and Practical Center for Museum Pedagogy. I was involved in ten-day hiking to the mountains in historical places. I actively participate in the work of the district methodological association of primary school teachers. I held meetings, open lessons, and shared experiences.
In 2010 I moved to the USA I am constantly engaged in professional development. In February 2006 I opened an Additional Education School for Russian-speaking children in Atlanta, GA

Professional education and development:

  • • MS Leningrad Pedagogical School
  • • Teacher of Continuing Education
  • • Additional Education School for Russian-speaking children in Atlanta, GA