We have excellent and certified teachers who are dedicated to the program and have built such meaningful rapport with the participating children. We hope you too join our amazing group where life long friendships are made and students are able to develop new skills, perfect existing talents, and grow into respectful and productive citizens as they enter into adulthood. It takes a village to raise littler ones to be successful and well-rounded adults.

Our Teachers

Olga Novokhotko

Russian Language

Very talented and unique teacher, Olga treats each student individually. Olga knows how to communicate with kids and make them feel engaged and interested during the lessons. She has many years of experience working with kids and individuals of all ages, especially with those who have Russian as their second language. Olga developed a complex program for kids who learn Russian as a second language. Her students really love and appreciate her classes for the unforgettable and irreplaceable skill of speaking another language.

Professional education and development:

  • • MS in teaching French and Literature
  • • French Instructor to students age 15-17 in Ben Franklin Academy, Emory University, Atlanta GA
  • • French Language teacher: World Language Educator, Atlanta, GA, and Technical University of Rostov
  • • Russian Language & Literature teacher, Brussels University and Paris Lycée St. Louis

Tatiana Yermakova

Russian RF Standards

Tatiana leads the program that allows your child to receive high level of knowledge of Russian language while living in the U.S.A. Her program "Russian Language by Russian Federation Standards" helps students to study the poetry, write a composition, create a presentation, conduct a research on the subject of interest and many other things, learn to read and write in cursive, and all of that in Russian language. Students, who take Tatyana’s "Russian Language by Russian Federation Standards" have an advantage of taking "World Literature" class, where students become acquainted with classic Russian and foreign literature. Tatiana loves children, Russian language, teaching, and believes that every child can reach their highest potential if there is a strong desire. This class is for children who speak Russian well and are prepared to complete homework assignments.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduated from Minsk State Pedagogical Institute with a degree of an elementary school teacher
  • • More than 20 years of professional experience
  • • 15 years of experience in teaching the Russian language in the U.S.

Oksana Moore

Russian Language

Oksana is an elementary school teacher with vast experience in teaching in Russia and U.S. Using a combination of several leading programs in studying languages, Oksana teaches students to read, write, express their thoughts, desires and feelings in Russian as second language. For older children who have a basic knowledge of Russian, Oksana’s goal is to help them improve their presentations in oral and written form, enhancing vocabulary and reading fluency. Her methodology is optimized for bilingual children. Oksana customizes her approach to each group and to each student individually, based on their level of knowledge.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduated from Novorossiysk Pedagogical College
  • • Graduated from Armavir Pedagogical University in the Krasnodar Region
  • • MS in Economics

Larisa Solovjov


Larisa has a vast experience teaching Russian language specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language. She enjoys working with students of all levels of proficiency. Each lesson is carefully planned and designed to prepare students for the next level. To support understanding of the provided information, language material is broken down into manageable pieces or chunks. Her main motto is start simple and add new material step by step. Larisa is passionate about working with children and her goal is to create a fun engaging atmosphere where every learner will be involved in a real communication. She uses personality-oriented communicative approach because each student is unique. The main objective of her teaching is to enhance students’ ability to use Russian language in a variety of contexts and expand their vocabulary. Her lessons are designed to be fun and interactive.

Professional education and development:

  • • Lomonosov Moscow State University Methods for teaching Russian as a foreign language, 2017
  • • Kennesaw State University Online Course Development Certificate, 2016
  • • Kennesaw State University TESOL Certificate, 2009
  • • Omsk State University M.A. Teaching Languages and Cultures (English and German), 2010

Tatiana Price


Tatiana graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical School, where she was certified as an elementary school teacher, with a degree in Teaching in Elementary Schools with an additional specialty “Speech Therapist” and another specialization “Teacher of Further Education in Decorative and Applied Art”. Tatiana's total work experience is over 20 years. In February 2006 she opened an Additional Education School for Russian-speaking children in Atlanta, GA.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical School
  • • Work experience is over 20 years
  • • Additional Education School for Russian-speaking children in Atlanta, GA

Tatiana Zelenkina


Candidate of Pedagogical Science, teacher and a psychologist. Mrs.Tatiana as Elementary School teacher in Moscow, as well as a Psychologist at a Help center for population of Tyumen Region. Also she was an analytic specialist in youth policies of the region and taught at Tyumen University as a teacher of psychology and pedagogy of personality.

Mrs. Zelenkina is the author of numerous articles in scientific journals regarding self determination for carrier choices. She published two scientific books on this topic, one of which became the best scientific book of 2016, winning the competition of International Academy of Education (London-Moscow). She enjoys working at Wonder World School, teachings the subject of Mathematics. Also she is currently teaching Russian language classes and practicing psychological counseling.

She believes that the highest value in education is the uniqueness of the child's personality, the implementation of an individual approach to each and the ability to present the material interesting and understandable, so children don’t cease to enjoy learning.

Professional education and development:

  • • Candidate of Pedagogical Science
  • • Bachelor degree in Psychology from Moscow University of Social Studies
  • • Graduated with an Elementary School Teacher degree from the Pedagogical College of Noyabrsk, Russia
  • • Work experience of 20 years

Luiza Burnazyan


Luiza has been teaching math to students of all ages for more than 40 years. During these years, she has demonstrated an original, individual approach of teaching to all students, great communication skills with both students and parents, and creating a fun positive atmosphere in the classroom. The priority of Luiza’s classes is to develop the logical and analytical skills in her students. With this goal in mind, she spends the majority of her class time focusing on the non-standard math problems and different methods to solve them. Luiza believes that all students have the ability to succeed in Math and she loves to build her students' Math self-esteem.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduated from Tbilisi State Pedagogical University
  • • 46+ years of teaching experience

Olga Inozemtseva


Olga has been teaching Math in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. During that time, she has taught every required course in the middle and high school curriculums. In addition to Olga's teaching experience, she has tutored students of all ages and abilities, including college level using both person to person and virtual instruction methods.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduated from Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering
  • • Teaching Math in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. (The Ben Franklin Academy, The New School)

Dimitry Resenson/Maria Arbatskaya


Dimitry Resenson: Dimitry has a Bachelor's degree in computer science and high school science education, as well as a Master's degree in mechanical engineering. He has taught classes for gifted children (9-12 years) at the Jerusalem University and taught in high schools (grades 10 and 11). He works as a Senior Software Developer. He is the father of two daughters. He loves the theatre and participated in most theatrical performances staged by the Solo School of Fine Arts. Dimitry also loves music and plays several instruments.

Maria Arbatskaya: Maria dreamed of becoming a mathematician from the second grade of primary school. She loves entertaining puzzles and math puzzles. She has a Bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from Moscow State University, a Master's degree in economics from the New Economic School in Moscow, and a Ph.D. in economics from Indiana University. Since 1999, Maria has been teaching economics, game theory and mathematics to undergraduate and graduate students at Emory University.

Mikhail Elkin


The main idea of Mikhail's lessons is to teach chess while encouraging students to think independently, not to hurry and consider various options while looking for answer. These are the same qualities that often needed to make decisions in life.

Professional education and development:

  • • USCF Rating 2302
  • • Started teaching kids in Atlanta area from 1994
  • • Mikhail's students won US Championship

Elena Gratskaya


During the chess lessons students will learn strategy and tactics, study phases of the game, learn different openings, calculation and focus techniques, learn about famous grandmasters and their games, and much more. Chess is a game that gives children skills for life, they learn a lot about responsibility, sportsmanship and consequences.

Professional education and development:

  • • Master’s Degree in Education
  • • Teaching children and adults for 11 years
  • • Playing chess for over 20 years and awarded a female state champion of Georgia in 2015 and 2016
  • • Licensed National Tournament Director and managing tournaments for kids on a state and national levels.

Liubov Panasiuk

Computer Programming

Liubov believes that programming lessons for children are needed primarily for general development and are essential because in today's modern world, more and more attention is paid to the processes of "robotization", automation, and technology. During our programming lessons, the child first of all learns to think logically and plan his or her actions accordingly; such skills transcend perfectly into all areas of life where thorough decision making is a must.

  • • Graduated from Dnepropetrovsk National University as a mathematician and system programmer
  • • Has more than 15 years of experience in the programming field

Irina Kolomiets

Компьютерная грамотность/Основы программирования

Коломиец Ирина, кандидат технических наук в области Информатики и Вычислительной техники. Родилась и выросла в старинном русском городе Владимире, училась во Владимирском Государственном Университете. После окончания магистратуры в 2001 году получила предложение работать на родной кафере асситентом, а после защиты кандидатской дисертации - доцентом, в общей сложности педагогический стаж 15 лет. Во время работы в Универститете разрабатывала и вела курсы для студентов всех лет обучения – Основы алгоритмизации и программирования, Объектно-ориентированное программирование, Базы данных, Системное программное обеспечение, Операционные системы и другие. Кроме педагогической деятельности активно учавствовала в научно-исследовательских работах, посвященных компьютерному зрению, обработке речевой информации, моделям автоматизации проектирования различных систем, автор ряда публикаций в научно-технических изданиях. Мне интересно решать математически и алгоритмически сложные задачи, используя нестандартные подходы. С 2014 году я занимаюсь алгоритмами машинного обучения и теорией больших данных. В настоящее время работаю с командой стартапа над созданием специализированной системы обработки визуальной информации. В качестве волонтера создаю программное обеспечение для научной группы микробиологов Kennesaw State University. В свободное время люблю читать, увлекаюсь творчеством, занимаюсь йогой, люблю активный отдых.
Своим достоинством считаю умение находить подход к каждому студенту, помогая ему понять суть темы, а не просто заучить ее. Я люблю то, чем занимаюсь профессионально, и стараюсь привить это своим ученикам. Очень горжусь своими студентами, наблюдая их рост и появляющийся энтузиазм, азарт и жажду получения новых знаний.

Professional education and development:

  • • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  • • Work experience of 15+ years

Katya Cooper

Ballroom Dance

Ekaterina, born in Bryansk, Russia, started her ballroom training at the age of four. She was trained by many renowned coaches in International Standard and Latin, such as, Brain Watson, Kolobova Yelena, Tataranni Alessandro, Naumov Andrew, Dmitriy Sorokin and Nataliya Burmistrova, Sakal Ilyana etc. She has competed and won at Latin, Standard, and Ten Dance events in Moscow and Germany.

Ekaterina partnered with Anton Sidorov in the USA. Ekaterina and Anton started dancing together in January 2009. Since then they became Mid-Atlantic Latin champions, Mid-West Latin and Standard champions. They placed first in Standard at the United Dancesport Championship 2010 in Orlando, FL. Ekaterina and Anton won first place in the 2010 Hotlanta Danceport Competition. They placed second in latin at the USA Dance North Carolina Championship. They continue to compete at the highest level at competitions all over the United States.

Ekaterina started teaching dance at age of 16. She teaches all ages and skill sets in ballroom dancing.

Irina Gurevich


The offered dance program by Irina Gurevich is tailored to students’ ages, taught in Russian, and has a traditional structure: warming up, working on technique, learning choreography, cooling down. Technique comes from the Greek word meaning “skill”. For a dancer, technique is the ability to use physical movements effectively and Irina pays close attention to how children learn to execute different steps. Children will continue to dance if they are enjoying it - the element of play must be included. Kids are encouraged, motivated and challenged. The learning of dance steps helps in the real live as well. Irina explains why stretching is good for the body although it hurts sometimes; why do people have to walk with the straight back, although in the beginning it feels very strange. Creative dance is a very important part of the lessons. Kids learn about body, energy, space, force, time and incorporate it into dance compositions. During lessons Irina uses musical pieces written by famous composers. Here are her favorite choices: Camille Saint-Saëns’s “Carnival of animals”, Tchaikovsky “Album for the Young”, Prokofiev ”Peter and the Wolf”. These compositions are image driven and easy to listen to.

Daria Safronova


Основная задача класса гимнастики формирование осанки у ребёнка, укрепление общего физического развития. Дети освоят базовые навыки на простейших упражнениях хореографии, без предмета и с предметами. А так же мы будем работать над развитием таких качеств как музыкальность, танцевальность, выразительность и творчество. Прививать интерес к занятиям спортом и физической культурой. Воспитывать трудолюбив и старательность.
На классах гимнастики дети младшего возраста легко и незаметно осваивают равновесие, гибкость, прыжки; обучаются правильному выполнению ходьбы, бега, танцевальным движениям; получают навыки самостоятельной работы.
Неотъемлемыми частями гимнастики также являются развитие артистизма, чувства ритма, самообладания, дисциплины, силы воли.

Professional education and development:

  • • Математик, системный программист. Окончила Тульский Государственный Университет
  • • Спортивный разряд: Кандидат мастер спорта по художественной гимнастике

Marina Drankina

Music: Sing and Dance
Music with Mommy

Marina is a remarkable and kind teacher having extensive experience working with children. She graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and improved her skills as a music instructor for preschoolers studying at the Moscow City Institute of professional development and retraining workers of national education. She had a lot of experience in Moscow (Russia) working with children from 1.5 to 8 years old. Marina started her career in 1978 and has since then been improving and developing her methods. Bringing to America her knowledge, love of music and children, she continues to work with children. Her wide range of experience has resulted in a lot of interesting materials and methods for lessons. Marina will be glad to work with your children, develop and teach them the best things through play, games, laughter, and love of music.

Svitlana Ford

Music and Orchestra

Svitlana Ford is a music professor with over 20 years of teaching experience. Svitlana began playing musical instruments at 6 years of age. Over time, her devotion to music led her to win several places of laureates at various competitions, having mastered 7 different instruments. After she graduated from music college with honors, she received several different offers to perform and solo abroad. Svitlana successfully completing a music tour in Switzerland, then returned to Crimea to complete her studies. She worked at two music colleges while also working to complete her PhD at the Crimean Pedagogical University. During these years, she developed many methods for teaching guitar and other instruments. Some of her methods became educational and methodological material for teachers in schools and higher musical institutions. When Svitlana received the title of professor, she was immediately hired by the University of Culture and Arts, where she was recognized as one of the best teachers in the class of guitar and conducting. Her own students went on to win many guitar competitions, compositions, arrangements.

Professional education and development:

  • • PhD in Guitar and Conducting Orchestra from Crimea Pedagogical University, Postgraduate studies & Master degree
  • • Bachelor of Music Art with honors from Crimean Music College
  • • Music Schools and Academy. Performing in Europe

Xenia Bondarchuk/Daria Safronova

Хочу всё знать

Xenia Bondarchuk and Daria Safronova are an experienced teachers in early development. Their program is designed for young children and promotes intellectual development skills through a variety of topics and tasks. The professionally planned activities help children to develop fine motor and logical thinking skills, early math concepts and working memory abilities as well as language development skills. These activities are fun and encourage every child to think in a challenging and creative manner.

Professional education and development:

  • • Диплом о высшем профессиональном образовании Омский Государственный Университет им. Ф.М.Достоевского, филологический факультет, 2006 год
  • • В данный момент обучаюсь в Государственном Институте Русского Языка им. А.С.Пушкина по программе профессиональной переподготовки «Русский язык как иностранный и методика его преподавания

Angela Miretsky


Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Angela is an accomplished artist and Art and Drama teacher. Angela offers a diverse background of 30+ years’ of teaching Art and Drama to children and adults. She directed numerous stage performances, plays, concerts, holiday shows, musical programs, and other events for children and adults based on her original scenarios. Worked on design of all costumes and stage decorations for different productions.

Angela has vast experience and accomplishments in managing educational, musical, and theatrical programs, directing stage performances, managing business opportunities, public relations, marketing, promotional programs, financial management and policies and procedures.

Professional education and development:

  • •B.A. in Management and Methodology of Social/Education Events/Activities from Leningrad State Institute of Culture, Russia (Now - St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture)
  • • Certificate of Completion in Master the Fundamentals of Art course (2003), in Minneapolis Art Instruction School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • • Certificate of Completion in Oil Painting Classes, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA (1998)

Araksya Mkrtumyan

Art & Craft (Художественное Творчество)

The Art & Craft classes are both fun and educational where students learn to Draw, Paint and have fun with Crafts. The main objective of the class is to introduce the children to a myriad of art and craft media and techniques every week. The students will also be introduced to the various art practices from around the world, along with the works of great artists through fun projects to enrich their knowledge on Art history. The difficulty level of each project will be adjusted based on the age, skill and enthusiasm of each student.

Dasha Perlin

Art(Художественное Творчество), Журналистика

Про Батик: Приглашаю любителей декоративно-прикладного творчества в класс Батик - основы росписи тканей. Это искусство зародилось на о.Бали в Индонезии и затем получило развитие уже в Европе, когда были созданы первые резервирующие составы из каучука. Красители по ткани, работа с шелком и льном, необыкновенные узоры- все это ждёт вас в классе. За год вы узнаете о горячем и холодном батике, а также техниках свободной росписи. Вы сможете сделать несколько вещей до интерьера и для своего гардероба!
Журналистика. Если ваши дети действительно увлекаются русским языком, много читают, или даже проводят время в русских соц. сетях- оберните это в полезное увлечение журналистикой. На занятиях ждём тех кто свободно читает и пишет, и хотел бы улучшить дикцию, создать личный стиль изложения мыслей, попробовать себя в написании статьи, интервью и развлекательной колонки с головоломками и комиксами!

Professional education and development:
  • • педагогическая гимназия г.Пенза 2002г
  • • институт Туризма и Гостеприимства, г. Москва 2009г
  • • участие в программе международного обмена FSA Flex 2001-2002
  • • участие в программе правительства США Close Up 2002
  • • Худ образование ДХШ #3 г.Пенза, преподаватель член союза художников России Чагорова Т.Г.

Natalia D'Angelo


Наталия — художник, специалист по истории искусств, с педагогическим стажем более 25 лет. Преподает в Школе Wonder World с августа 2018 года. На своих уроках Наталия развивает в учениках художественный вкус, воображение и технические навыки в реалистическом рисовании и живописи. Помогает ученикам овладеть законами изображения и закономерностями природы. Принципы художественного творчества раскрывает на примере выдающихся произведений мирового искусства в живописи, архитектуре и скульптуре.

Professional education and development:

  • • Выпускница исторического факультете Ленинградского государственного университета по кафедре История Искусств
  • • Работала научным сотрудником в Русском Музее и Музее Революции в Петербурге
  • • Преподавала историю и английский язык в училищах и лицеях Петербурга

Irina Akimova


Barno Nishanova

На планете Музыка

Being a magnificent pianist, and having graduated from the prestigious Tashkent Conservatory, Mrs. Nishanova has performed in front of the most demanding of audiences, and is more than capable of conveying the beauty of music to her young pupils, and instilling in them a true love for this exquisite art form. After all, in addition to her performance skills, Nishanova has a thorough understanding of the methodology behind teaching music, having taught for many years at several schools of music, icluding the Tashkent State Institute of Culture and Arts.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduate of the Tashkent Conservatory

Yevgeniy Potashnikov

Vocal - Chorus

Yevgeniy is a professional vocalist well known in the Atlanta region. He has over 35 years of experience in the field, has performed a lot himself, organized concerts, and instructed classes. He worked in MOMA-Moscow Association of Musical Ensembles, and from 1981 to 1995 he worked in the Odessa Shipping Company on cruise ships as head of the orchestra as well as a vocalist. Yevgeniy has instructed in various schools and has participated in local concerts and now he will finally be able to share his experience, talent, and knowledge with our children here at Wonder World School.

Evelina Roseman

Yoga for Parents

Drop your shoulders, lift your chin, breathe, warm up, power up, stretch. Feel better, feel complete. Classes are fit to kids’ schedule @WonderWorld: we start after you see them off to their classroom, and are done in time for you to pick them up – smiling.

Professional education and development:

  • • RYT200 certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance
  • • Has been teaching at her own studio, in parks, at corporate offices and at Russian school since 2016
  • • yoga4atlanta on Facebook

Erik Sootes


Professional education and development:

  • • PhD in Music Composition from the St. Petersburg Music Conservatory, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1988-1993
  • • Master of Arts in Music Composition, Institute of Culture, School of Music, St. Petersburg, 1983-1988
  • • Bachelor of Art in Guitar, Mousorgsky Music College, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1979 – 1983
  • • Has performed on such legendary stages as CB's Gallery in New York City and Celebrity Center International in Hollywood, CA. Erik has been invited to give radio interviews in New York and Massachusetts, including a two-hour show dedicated entirely to his works. His music in the album "Spanish Image" was selected for "All Songs Considered" on National Public Radio (NPR)

Natalia Vystropova


Dynamic and energetic Piano Teacher with 30+ years’ experience in elementary and junior high school music instruction. Excellent communicator and time manager. Highly motivated educator of music and performance arts adept in creating exciting and entertaining learning environment. Natalia's core qualifications include:

♪ Musicianship skills
♪ Performance assessments
♪ Extended piano techniques
♪ Lesson plan development
♪ Technology integration
♪ Individualized lesson plans
♪ Musical theory knowledge
♪ Creative teaching skills

Professional education and development:

  • • Bachelor of Music in Performance (Piano) with Teaching Certificate from Volgograd Serebryakov Institute of Arts, Russiа

Vakhob Khashimov


Dr. Vakhob Khashimov is a world renowned violinist and teacher with experience of 50 years. Dr. Khashimov prepares children for school and youth orchestras. His students are winners of numerous competitions and are members of Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, Emory University Youth Orchestra, All State Youth Orchestra and more.

Professional education and development:

  • • Graduate of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Natalia Khomenko

Ukrainian Culture

Professional education and development:

  • • coming up

Mariana Zhukova

Ukrainian Language

Professional education and development:

  • • coming up