Cultural Adventuresfor Young Minds

We have excellent and certified teachers who are dedicated to the program and have built such meaningful rapport with the participating children. We hope you too join our amazing group where life long friendships are made and students are able to develop new skills, perfect existing talents, and grow into respectful and productive citizens as they enter into adulthood. It takes a village to raise littler ones to be successful and well-rounded adults.

Our Teachers

Olesya Babenko (Russian Language)

I'm an elementary school teacher with a specialized degree. I teach children from Russian-speaking families and also non -Russian speaking children . My teaching method is based on usage of textbooks , cards, games related to fine motor skills, video and audio materials, and combines the teaching of common expressions used in everyday life with a systematic approach to vocabulary and grammar. I develop an individual program for each group. I can guarantee that regular classes and my teaching experience will give your children an opportunity to improve their speaking skills, increase their vocabulary, learn to read and write in Russian. I graduated from St. Petersburg Pedagogical College with major in elementary school teacher . Besides, I got Master Degree in Economical Management from Spbguvke. I am creative and always full of ideas, striving for results and goals. I have three children, whom I teach Russian language, literature and music. I offer academic, clearly structured group lessons. I pay attention to the communication aspect and use an individual approach.

Katya Cooper (Ballroom Dance)

Ekaterina was born in Bryansk, Russia, where she started her ballroom training at the very early age of four. Her mom was her primary coach and, yet she has traveled the world to train with many other renowned coaches in International Standard and Latin, such as, Brain Watson, Kolobova Yelena, Tataranni Alessandro, Naumov Andrew, Dmitriy Sorokin and Nataliya Burmistrova, Sakal Ilyana etc. She has competed and won at Latin, Standard, and Ten Dance events in Moscow and Germany. Ekaterina came to the United States to further pursue her career as a ballroom instructor/competitor. Ekaterina partnered with Anton Sidorov in the USA. Ekaterina and Anton started dancing together in January 2009. Since then they became Mid-Atlantic Latin champions, Mid-West Latin and Standard champions. They placed first in Standard at the United Dancesport Championship 2010 in Orlando, FL. Ekaterina and Anton were first place in the 2010 Hotlanta Danceport Competition. They placed second in latin at the USA Dance North Carolina Championship. They continue to compete at the highest level at competitions all over the United States. Ekaterina started teaching dance at age of 16. She teaches all ages and skill sets in ballroom dancing.

Natalia D'Angelo (Art)

Professional education and development:

  • • coming up

Marina Drankina (Music-Sing & Dance and Music with Mommy)

Marina is a remarkable and kind teacher having extensive experience working with children. She graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and improved her skills as a music instructor for preschoolers studying at the Moscow City Institute of professional development and retraining workers of national education. She had a lot of experience in Moscow (Russia) working with children from 1.5 to 7 years old. Marina started her career in 1978 and has since then been improving and developing her methods. Bringing to America her knowledge, love of music and children, she continues to work with children. Her wide range of experience has resulted in a lot of interesting materials and methods for lessons. Marina will be glad to work with your children, develop and teach them the best things through play, games, laughter, and love of music.

Mikhail Elkin (Chess)

Professional education and development:

  • • USCF Rating 2302
  • • Started teaching kids in Atlanta area from 1994
  • • Mikhail's students won US Championship

Olga Kektysheva (Dance Ensemble)

Professional education and development:

  • • Kalmyk State College (Performing Arts & Dance) – Elista, Kalmykia, 2000-2005
  • • Moscow State Art & Cultural University (Folk Artistic Creativity), 2005-2010

Svetlana Khalgaeva (Little Genius)

Professional education and development:

  • • coming up

Ekaterina Kouznetsova (Craft)

Ekaterina graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with M.A. in Arts Education. After graduation she worked as a preschool and elementary school art teacher. In 1994 she decided to step into the world of graphic design and worked successfully as a graphic designer in Moscow and later in Atlanta. Currently she works as a senior graphic designer with Georgia Tech Institute Communications. Ekaterina has a passion for experimenting with various art and craft techniques, exploring new medias, and creating visually engaging projects with her daughters. She is excited to start teaching classes here at Wonder World School and leading our craft classes into an even more creative direction.

Angela Miretsky (Art Drama)

Angela Miretsky - artist and art teacher. Originally from Sankt Petersburg, Russia Angela came to USA in 1996. •She earned B.A. in the Specialty of Management and Methodology of Social/Education Events/Activities (1986) Leningrad State Institute of Culture, Russia (Now - St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture)
•She received also Certificate of Completion in Master the Fundamentals of Art course (2003), in Minneapolis Art Instruction School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
•Also Certificate of Completion in Oil Painting Classes, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA (1998)
•Offering a diverse background of 30 years’ experience teaching Art and Drama to children (infants through high school) and adults, as well as experience and accomplishments managing educational and musical programs, directing stage performances, managing business opportunities, public relations, marketing, promotional programs, financial management and policies and procedures.
•Experienced in classical techniques of European Art.
•Accomplished Artist, with substantial number of commissioned portrait paintings exhibited in group shows throughout Atlanta and representation in numerous private collections.>
•Highly skilled in utilizing numerous techniques including Oils, Acrylic, Pastels and Charcoal.
•Portraiture experience encompasses people and pets, floral paints, wildlife paintings, murals and illustrations.

Oksana Moore (Russian Language)

I am an elementary school teacher with more than 10 years of work exerience. I graduated from Novorossiysk Pedagogical College and Armavir Pedagogical University in the Krasnodar Region. I also earned a Master's degree in Economics. In my work I used several different techniques of leading teachers which gave me an opportunity to achieve great results. I conducted private lessons in mathematics and Russian language. I also helped 5-6 year old children prepare for school. I have been teaching Russian in the United States for over a year and very happy to be working in that field again. My new assignment is working with 3 year old students resulting in an unexpected and wonderful experience. My method is unique, friendly, accessible, stimulating, in a playful way and with encouragement. My goal is to teach students to read, write, express their thoughts, desires and feelings in Russian as a second language. For older children who have a basic knowledge of Russian, my goal is to help them improve their presentation of thoughts in oral and written form, enhancing vocabulary and reading fluency. My methodology is optimized for bilingual children while keeping their attention for the duration of the lesson. I customise my approach to each group and to each student individually, based on their level of knowledge. I am committed to do my best in teaching my students.

Barno Nishanova (Piano)

Being a magnificent pianist, and having graduated from the prestigious Tashkent Conservatory, Mrs. Nishanova has performed in front of the most demanding of audiences, and is more than capable of conveying the beauty of music to her young pupils, and instilling in them a true love for this exquisite art form. After all, in addition to her performance skills, Nishanova has a thorough understanding of the methodology behind teaching music, having also taught for many years at several schools of music, and even the Tashkent State Institute of Culture and Arts.

Olga Novokhotko (Russian Language)

Olga has a M.S. in teaching French and Literature. Her experience in teaching language encompasses: August 2008 - present: French Instructor to students ranging in age from 15 to 17 in Ben Franklin Academy, Emory University, Atlanta GA; French Language teacher: World Language Educator, Atlanta, GA & Technical University of Rostov, Russia; and teacher of Russian Language & Literature: Brussels University & Paris Lycee St. Louis. She is absolutely unique and talented, having an individual approach to each student. Olga knows how to communicate with kids and make them feel engaged and interested during the lessons. She has many years of experience working with kids and individuals of all ages, especially with those who have Russian as their second language. Her students come to really love and appreciate her for the unforgettable and irreplaceable skill of speaking another language.

Liubov Panasiuk (Computer Programming)

Having graduated in 2003 from Dnepropetrovsk National University as a mathematician and system programmer, Liubov Panasiuk has more than 15 years of experience in the programming field. Her teaching career began a year ago at the Wonder World School. She believes that programming lessons for children are needed primarily for general development and are essential because in today's modern world, more and more attention is paid to the processes of "robotization", automation, and technology. During our programming lessons, the child first of all learns to think logically and plan his or her actions accordingly; such skills transcend perfectly into all areas of life where thorough decision making is a must.

Yevgeniy Potashnikov (Vocal/Chorus)

Yevgeniy is a professional vocalist well known in the Atlanta region. He has over 35 years of experience in the field, has performed a lot himself, organized concerts, and instructed classes. He worked in MOMA-Moscow Association of Musical Ensembles, and from 1981 to 1995 he worked in the Odessa Shipping Company on cruise ships as head of the orchestra as well as a vocalist. Yevgeniy has instructed in various schools and has participated in local concerts and now he will finally be able to share his experience, talent, and knowledge with our children here at Wonder World School.

Erik Sootes (Guitar)

Professional education and development:

  • • PhD in Music Composition from the St. Petersburg Music Conservatory, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1988-1993
  • • Master of Arts in Music Composition, Institute of Culture, School of Music, St. Petersburg, 1983-1988
  • • Bachelor of Art in Guitar, Mousorgsky Music College, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1979 – 1983
  • • Has performed on such legendary stages as CB's Gallery in New York City and Celebrity Center International in Hollywood, CA. Erik has been invited to give radio interviews in New York and Massachusetts, including a two-hour show dedicated entirely to his works. His music in the album "Spanish Image" was selected for "All Songs Considered" on National Public Radio (NPR)

Natalia Vistropova (Piano)

Professional education and development:

  • • coming up

Sergey Yakovlev (Robotics)

Professional education and development:

  • • M.S. Computer Science
  • • 25 years experience in electronics and software development
  • • 10+ approved patents in software application
  • • Currently works at Absolute Software as Lead Firmware Developer

Tatiana Yermakova (Russian RF Standards)

Tatiana is a professional Russian Language Teacher who graduated from the Government Minsk Pedagogical Institute as a teacher in pedagogics and  technique of elementary education.  More than six years she worked at the Minsk Elementary School as a teacher for 1-4 Grades and brought  her knowledge and experience to America. As she loves children, Russian language, teaching, and believes that every child can reach their highest potential if there is a desire, she continues to teach high level Russian Language  in America and now has over 15 years of experience in this area.