Vocal - Chorus

Yevgeniy Potashnikov

Group and individual classes VOCAL / CHORUS with Yevgeniy Potashnikov for children 6-15 years old, classes by age. Members of the ensemble Wonder World School take part in school and away concerts. Each lesson begins with exercises, chanting. In the classroom we learn: to increase the range of voice, the correct pitch, to control the strength of our voice. We are working on: setting voice / improving diction / correct breathing during singing / selecting an interesting repertoire, according to the age of children, learning songs / practicing singing into a microphone, performing on stage. There is a professional musical instrument for performances and practice. SINGING IS NOT ONLY PLEASANT, BUT AND VERY USEFUL! Singing has a positive effect on the physical health of children and adults. With the help of special exercises, the child learns proper breathing. It trains the diaphragm and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Singing boosts immunity, for lovers of singing, a sore throat rarely hurts, they are less susceptible to colds.

During singing a huge amount of oxygen enters the body. This allows you to improve the blood circulation of the whole organism, which contributes to the strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, and has a beneficial effect on the vocal cords and lymph nodes. Singing classes contribute to the treatment of asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. And vocal lessons improve the speech technique, helping to get rid of speech problems, stuttering, train memory and diction. During classes, concentration increases, brain function improves, which helps the child to perceive information more easily. While learning new songs the vocabulary of the child increases. Scientists have proven that hormones of happiness are produced while singing in the brain. Thanks to them, the mood improves, the vitality rises, traces of fatigue and stress disappear. Let us learn to sing, get pleasure from it and benefit for the body!

If you have questions, call (770)945-7043 Evgeniy Potashnikov


Приглашаются дети 6-15 лет на групповые и индивидуальные занятия в класс ВОКАЛ / ХОР. Каждый урок начинается с упражнений, распевок.

НА УРОКАХ МЫ РАБОТАЕМ НАД: постановкой голоса / улучшением дикции / правильным дыханием во время пения / увеличением диапоза голоса / правильной подаче голоса / контролировать силу своего голоса / подбором интересного репертуара, согласно возрастy детей, разучиванием песен / практикой пения в микрофон, выступления на сцене.

Участники ансамбля Wonder World School принимают участие в школьных и выездных концертах.

Если у Вас вопросы - (770)945-7043 Евгений Поташников.