Sergey Yakovlev

Сергей Яковлев, высококвалифицированный специалист в области электроники и программного обеспечения, приглашает детей и взрослых на класс Робототехника (Robotics). Классы ведуться на русском языке. Предлагаются следующие уровни занятий:

ADVANCED ROBOTICS / Arduino Robotic Platform / Ages 11-15 to Adults

  • • Explore the wonderful word of the Arduino robotic platform (which is present in almost all contemporary electronic devices).
  • • Learn to build simple programmable robots.
  • • Learn to read schematics.
  • • Learn soldering, electronic sketching and modeling.
  • • Understand industrial microcontroller architecture and programming, and learn to control your robot from your smart phone.
  • • Gain hardware programming and debugging skills.
  • • Learn Motor controlling physics and basic rules.
  • • Christmas light project – make and program your own Christmas lights!
  • • Understand how robots feel. Using different sensors to have robots understand the world around them.
  • • And much more intelligent fun!

SIMPLE ROBOTICS / Lego Mind Storms EV3 / Ages 8-11

  • • Introductory journey into the world of Electronics and Robotics.
  • • Learn the mechanics and software of robotic movements.
  • • Assemble Lego models; explore and change their features and behavior.
  • • Understand how robots feel, use sensors to make decisions, and see their surroundings.
  • • Learn Lego Mind Storms EV3.
  • • Build a Rubik's cube solving robot.
  • • And much more!