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Music with Mommy

Marina Drankina

I invite children from 1.2 to 3 years old to my class “MUSIC WITH MOTHER” in Wonder World Russian school for interesting, colorful music lessons. In this group, parents can help their child so that he feels more confident. The purpose of our classes with children of this age: the development of the child’s speech, sense of rhythm, figurative thinking, the formation of proper coordination of movements, attention concentration of the child. And, of course, the most important thing - success in music and singing brings the child joy and great pleasure, giving him confidence in himself and his abilities. In my work with children, I use a lot of colorful attributes and toys (balls, dolls, rings, ribbons, and so on) - it gives children great pleasure to dance and play with them. In the class “Music with Mommy”, kids play musical role-playing games, and in order for them to understand the image, they themselves “become bunnies, birds” and so on, wearing the attribute of this character. Play musical noise instruments. In this class you can sing along with your child, dance and help the kid, that gives them feeling of support and happiness during the educational process.

It is difficult for babies to sit still, and movement should be the basis of musical activity for babies. Songs, accompanied by gestures, movements, contribute not only to a strong memorization, but also the development of coordination of movements and speech.

If you have questions, call (770) 945-7043. Marina