Cultural Adventuresfor Young Minds

Little Genius

Svetlana Khalgaeva

Svetlana Khalgaeva invites young children of age 2 through 5 to intellectual skills development class Little Genius.

This learning program is designed for young children and promotes intellectual development skills through a variety of topics and tasks. The professionally planned activities help children to develop fine motor and logical thinking skills, early math concepts and working memory abilities as well as language development skills. These activities are fun and encourage every child to think in a challenging and creative manner. Svetlana uses a variety of materials and techniques for child’s sensory development stimulation.

The classes are based on the principle of integrated education that contributes to the development of a child's personality. An individual task is selected and developed for each age group for very class.

While attending Svetlana’s classes kids acquire knowledge and develop new skills, stay in a good mood and always desire to return back again.