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Yevgeniy Potashnikov. I welcome kids from 6 to 15 to my classes “Vocal / Chorus. Each my lesson begins with voice exercises. In my lessons children learn:

* Increase the range of voice,
* Learning the right sound,
* Control the power of your voice,
* Statement of voice, Work on diction,
* Work on proper breathing during singing,
* Selection of an interesting repertoire, according to the age of children, learning songs,
* Practicing singing in a microphone, performing on stage,
* There is a professional musical equipment for performances and practice.


Yevgeniy Potashnikov is a professional vocalist with more than 35 years of experience. He worked at MOMA-Moscow Association of Musical Ensembles and from 1981 to 1995 worked on cruise ships of Odessa Shipping Company as the head of the orchestra and vocalist. In the atlant and in the immediate states for 18 years he gives solo concerts. And, of course, he shares his experience with his students.