Cultural Adventuresfor Young Minds

Russian Language

My goal is to teach students to read, write, express their thoughts, desires and feelings in Russian as a second language. For older children who have a basic knowledge of Russian, my goal is to help them improve their presentation of thoughts in oral and written form, enhancing vocabulary and reading fluency. My methodology is optimized for bilingual children while keeping their attention for the duration of the lesson. I customise my approach to each group and to each student individually, based on their level of knowledge. I am committed to do my best in teaching my students.


Oksana Moore I am an elementary school teacher with more than 10 years of work exerience. I graduated from Novorossiysk Pedagogical College and Armavir Pedagogical University in the Krasnodar Region. I also earned a Master's degree in Economics. In my work I used several different techniques of leading teachers which gave me an opportunity to achieve great results. I conducted private lessons in mathematics and Russian language. I also helped 5-6 year old children prepare for school. I have been teaching Russian in the United States for over a year and very happy to be working in that field again. My new assignment is working with 3 year old students resulting in an unexpected and wonderful experience. My method is unique, friendly, accessible, stimulating, in a playful way and with encouragement.