Cultural Adventuresfor Young Minds

Craft & Art

Within the program our students will:

• Master various art materials, including different types of paper and carton, fabric, natural resources, yarn and threads, clay, pencils, markers, paint, and art tools, such as scissors, brushes, glue, etc.
• Develop and maintain artistic knowledge and craftsmanship; discover their creative potential.
• Create paper and fabric applique, paper models, collage, artwork from natural sources, drawings.
• Get to know famous art, architecture, sculpture, design, crafts and folk art.
• Learn about art related professions: fine artist, designer, architect, stage designer, florist, etc.
Ekaterina is excited to meet her students at Wonder World School in the upcoming academic year.


Ekaterina Kouznetsova graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University with M.A. in Arts Education. After graduation she worked as a preschool and elementary school art teacher. In 1994 she decided to step into the world of graphic design and worked successfully as a graphic designer in Moscow and later in Atlanta. Currently she works as a senior graphic designer with Georgia Tech Institute Communications. Ekaterina has a passion for experimenting with various art and craft techniques, exploring new medias, and creating visually engaging projects with her daughters. She is excited to start teaching classes here at Wonder World School and leading our craft classes into an even more creative direction.